Workplace Mindfulness
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3 Deep Breaths is all it takes to transform your world

If you're stressed and anxious, suffering bodily fatigue or lacking clarity of purpose — taking 3 Deep Breaths can be a powerful change agent.


For the 1st breath pause whatever you’re thinking


With the 2nd breath reflect on your problems against the larger perspective of your life

Move Ahead

On the 3rd breath move ahead with confidence and purpose!

About us

3DeepBreaths brings the wisdom of yoga and mindfulness to the workplace. We curate solutions and experiences, for communities and organisations, to help their members and employees build healthy micro-habit practices. These include physical stretches, mental tools and mindfulness meditations to overcome workplace anxiety, fatigue and stress, while cultivating clarity, empathy, gratitude, purpose and more.

Mindfulness for Communities

At 3DeepBreaths we work with different communities to develop easily done, habit-forming routines that are rooted in yoga and mindfulness. We believe a relaxed, happy individual is a creative, purpose driven leader, positively influencing everybody around them, the projects they take up and in effect, the entire community.Join us for free access to our content

Workplace Solutions

We create customised mindfulness content for specialised professionals, from desk workers to delivery riders.

Desktop Wellness

3DeepBreaths’ wellness solution for desktop workers includes routines that require zero prep, range from one to three minutes in duration and can easily be squeezed into a busy work day. These mobility routines and mindful meditations are designed to become habits over time.

Happy Riders

3DeepBreaths developed an industry-first wellness solution for riders. These instructional videos were shared with riders on the Swiggy Delivery Executive app and combined body mobility and mindful meditations.


We curate mindfulness experiences, from live wellness stand-ups to community events and leadership conclaves.

Mindfulness Workshops

We work closely with communities, companies and co-working spaces to curate live mindfulness events customised to their unique wellness needs and organisational culture.

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Want to know more?

We've just gotten started. Join us, try out our micro 3-minute tools, see your body-mind-spirit change and share your feedback. Together, we can improve and co-create more tools to help everyone at their workplace and beyond!

Team 3DB

3DeepBreaths brings together the experience and enthusiasm of a team of yoga teachers and practitioners.

Vishwaraj Mohan
Co-Founder and CEO
Driven by music, yoga and running

Manish Pole
Co-Founder & Yogi-in-Chief
Yoga & Meditation teacher, wellness solutions designer

Komal Jyoti
Co-Founder and VP
Marathon runner, designer and yoga practitioner

Hitesh Kataria
Founding Member, Head of Ops
Mountaineer, cyclist and travel enthusiast

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